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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online, or known as "sto" by gamers, is one of the first MMO games that mmo-radio started doing live shows in. based on gene roddenberry's star trek genre, sto has become a mainstay for star trek fans. the game has seen several changes and evolutions. it has an extensive space and ground based single and multiplayer setup, as well as a well setup pvp 

mmo radio has it's own fleet in game, and works closely with it's affiliate fleet, the "sto roleplayers guild." most of mmo radio's dj's do their shows on one of the many available planets or space stations. the most common is drozana station, deep space 9, earth space dock, or it's own fleet space station. 

Staff Parade at

one of MMO Radio's

parties on Earth 

Space Dock 


alot of our in-game shows also revolve around the pvp system in star trek online. we do alot of contests to give out prizes to the victor. the ship based combat is quite versitle which allows for an almost infinite combination of weapons, consoles, shields, and so on. there is only one server so just look for mmo radio in the fleet listing or for sto roleplyers guild.

Starship parade around

Earth during one of our radio shows.

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