Staff Guidelines and procedures

  1. If you are here, then you have just become a member of the MMO Radio family. We welcome you aboard and hope your experience with us is educational, fun, and worth the effort.

  2. Due to the nature of what we do, and who we entertain, we have placed this guidelines down to help you progress into the role of staff member. Be it a radio DJ, video streamer, or just general staff member. If you have any questions about anything listed below, please contact any supervisor.

General Staff Member Role (Non On-Air/Stream):

Staff members are the first point of contact that new members see. We are expected to be professional, active, and offer help.  As such, we ask that you follow the below listed standards

  1. Maintain a professional demeanor when on Discord or in any "in-game" chat. This means no engaging in arguments with trolls. Simply ignore or mute (if able), report the individual, and move on.

  2. Be visible. Staff are expected to take part in the games we host or take part in. As of now, we have no minimum hours per week standard, however, that may change after the next staff meeting. Staff that disappear or do not participate for a period of 7 consecutive days (without a LOA), will be removed from staff and placed as a regular member.

  3. Engage in chat. Simply being "online" is not enough. Even if nothing is happening, ask how people are doing, ask if anyone wants to join in a game, or something to engage people and get them together. That is why we are here.

  4. If you wouldn't want your own kids to see or hear it? Don't do it. This includes profanity (were talking about every other word being an F bomb or similar). Continued use will result in actions taken against the staff member. Up to and including dismissal/ban from MMO Radio

On-Air Broadcasters

  1. This section pertains to those who are assigned weekly roles as live audion DJ's on the radio stream. These are to be strictly adhered to due to the adverse actions that we could be hit with:

  2. EVERY show will begin with the appropriate rating sweeper (Parental Advisory, PA 16, or Mature). This is not optional and will be played before each show.

  3. Advertising for other groups/organizations/guilds/etc. MUST have the approval of the station owner before it is done on-air. There are legal and moral reasons we have to enforce this. Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary actions.

  4. Any music that could be considered "overly" offensive (such as heard in 2 Live Crew, Eazy E, and such,), cannot be played until 10:00PM Eastern and only after the Mature Rating sweeper has been played. There are several legal reasons for this, and again, is not an optional policy. If you have a song you are unsure of, contact a supervisor or Shea G before playing it. 

  5. Similar to #3, vulgarity before 10PM is HIGHLY frowned upon. Even after 10 it needs to be done moderately. We have listeners under 18, that are sadly not monitored by their parents. To cover our own, we enforce this.

  6. If you have a weekly scheduled slot, are you expected to be on air, on your time, each week. If you cannot make your slot, you need to let a staff member know 24hrs in advance (emergencies don't apply here). 

  7. Be energetic!!!! If you sound like someone just shot your dog, your listeners will fall off like blind cattle walking towards a cliff. Energy drinks are cheap!!!!

Live Streamers (Twitch, YouTube, etc)

  1. This section pertains to any MMO Radio staff member that broadcasts on any social media using a video capture or live video stream software. This does NOT apply to affiliate broadcasters on their own feed. 

  2. ​When streaming, all above rules apply to video streaming, so please read up on those.

  3. Sadly, due to DCMA and whiny ass artists, 85% of what we play cannot be broadcast over live streams. You will more than likely get hit with a copyright strike. Even though we broadcast under section 107 of the Fair Use Act, it does not apply to live video streams. So it's best if you play royalty free music (which there are a TON of really good ones out there). 

  4. MMO Radio staff not streaming on our feeds, you must have an banner on your screen in a legible size and location. A micro sized banner half hidden in the corner won't fly and will probably get you fired. 

  5. Supported Game Streams. While we don't enforce it, we do strongly urge you to live stream on games that are currently supported by MMO Radio. If you don't know what we do currently support, get with Shea G. A list will be posted here shortly and will be updated monthly. IF you want a new game to be considered, please post it up in the staff chat.

  6. Be energetic!!!! If you sound like someone just shot your dog, your listeners will fall off like blind cattle walking towards a cliff. Energy drinks are STILL cheap!!!!

  7. Again, like beating a dead horse, vulgarity NEEDS to be curbed. No one...well mostly no one, wants to watch a stream where the host is using a curse word every other word. This doesn't mean you have to talk like a priest, but you should NOT be talking like a ticked off drill sergeant either (That is the M.C.'s job)

To ensure this has been read, all staff members are required to post in staff chat with Guidelines Page Read. And be ready, Shea G may test you randomly on what is posted here.