Here you will find the basic rules of the RetroRP server. Please follow these to ensure a stress free and enjoyable time on our server

General Rules:

1. At NO time is it permitted to kill/harass/threaten/take hostage, or otherwise take action against an EMS/Fire member. These members are in a support role and are hard to find. Violations of this rule is a 15min jail term for the first offense, 24hr ban for the 2nd, and permanent ban for the 3rd.

2. Racism/Sexism, or any type of actions/chat that will otherwise extremely offend another player, will be tolerated. Violation is permanent ban on the spot.

3. Cop baiting is NOT permitted. This includes continual actions to entice or begin a car chase, repeatedly killing LEO, or other "non-realistic" RP. 1st Offense is a 60min jail term, 2nd offense is a permanent ban.

4. Fail RP is not permitted. These are actions that would be "unrealistic" in the real world. Examples:

      *Taking supercars or other non off road vehicles,  off road, over massive jumps, etc.

      *Getting into massive MVA's (motor vehicle accidents) where the vehicle and/or passenger would otherwise be extremely injured/wrecked), and then driving off. STOP....RP out the scenario. So you get caught. better than the ban you will get if the Admin see you.

      *Pulling large weapons from nowhere. You cannot just jump out of a car, and pull a full size shotgun (or similar) out of the blue. If you have a bag on your person of suitable size, then it is permitted. You CAN exit a car/house/etc, and RP pulling out the weapon BEFORE hand. Example /Me Pulls 12gauge from seat.

5. Abusing the 911 system. One 911 call is sufficient. Sending them over and over for the same situation is the same as chat spamming, and is not permitted.

6. Being out of AOP. Always check the AOP above the screen. ANY RP out of AOP is not permitted. This includes robbing banks/shops. In-game work that takes out of of the AOP is permitted. 

7. Attitude............we don't want it. Leave it at the load screen.

8. ALL players are required to be registered with our CAD system within 7 days of joining. 

9. HAVE FUN!!!