WELCOME ladies and germs, to the NEW........MMO Radio PVP!!! Simulcasted ON-AIR and LIVE VIDEO via our Twitch channel, the S.N.S. is sure to be the most sought after event in gaming. Check below for current game and schedule, then sign up with the RED button below. Current rules for this round of competition is:

1. Level 70 minimum (no companions allowed). Lower rank bracket coming soon

2. Open to Imperial AND Republic players

Current Game: Star Wars:The Old Republic

Next PVP Match: Sunday July 15th @ 9:00PM Eastern [DJ LIVE at 8 PM Eastern]

Signup Close: Sunday July 15th @ 7:00PM Eastern


How does this competition play out? Simple. This is a private 1 vs 1 system using the "Duel" system in SW:TOR. You will be battling your opponent in a 3 round, best 2 out of 3 match. No companions allowed. 

To sign up for the competition, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the "Sign Up" button below

2. Register on the Challonge site

3. Click on the tournament button to join in

Prizes to be awarded for THIS round:

1st Place= 1,000,000 Credits and a Color Crystal/Dye combo

2nd Place= 500,000 Credits and a random prize picked by the On-Air DJ

3rd Place= Random Prize to be picked by the On-Air DJ

Winner each week will be given the title of "Champion" until 4 matches are complete. 

Once we have 4 Champions, the final "Coupe De Gras" match will take place pitting the 4 champions against each other in a 1 on 1, best 3 out of 5 rounds matchup. The winner will receive a grand prize of 5M Credits, a Custom mount, and complete armor set. 

Rules for ALL Matches:

1. Weekly Champions cannot compete in following matches until the "Grand Champion" match has been completed

2. Any registered combatant, that withdraws or no-shows for a match, will be barred from competing again for a penalty period of 1 month (4 matches). Second offense is permanent bar.

3. All competitors are required to be online and in the arena area 30min prior to tournament beginning.

4. MMO Radio Staff and Guild Members may compete. Staff members are NOT eligible to receive awards or prizes.

Why are you still here? SIGN UP BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Registration is currently: