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Here is the location you were looking for. This page will list coming events, locations, and any other information you need to know. This does not include regularly scheduled radio shows for the DJ's. Please check the schedule page for information regarding live D.J.'s


March 13, 2021

M.C. Shea G will be hosting the West Coast Convoy during his 8-11 show. It will begin in Los Angeles (image posted below), and will roll up the west coast highways up to Astoria Oregon (DLC Required). The guidelines for the convoy are as follows so PLEASE adhere to them:

  1. Stay in a single file line, no passing

  2. Keep 1 truck length between the truck ahead of you for lag space

  3. Communications will be in the MMO Radio Discord, CB's will be off

  4. Pilot car and the lead truck will be in a seperate CB Channel, please remain out of that channel.

  5. Keep the convoy speed (to be determined) set. 

  6. Live streams and screenshots are highly recommended.

  7. Line up behind the lead truck marked on the map. 

  8. Start time 8:15PM eastern. Roll out Time 8:30 to 8:45 Eastern

Alot of the instructions will be done on-air so be sure to be tuned in either here or with the in-game file (ask in Discord for info)