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M.C. Shea G---DJ/Station Owner

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The man behind the chaos and the prior host of the "Saturday Night Powerjam, Shea G is in a class all of his own. Many have asked about the M.C. so here is some of the details;

Tag: M.C. Shea G

On Air: Sat Nights  8pm - 11pm

Name: Shea G

Age: 49 (29 with 20yrs of experience)

Status: Happily married (Sorry ladies)

Occupation: Retired U.S. Army, 1st Cavalry Division, Armor

Hobbies: The M.C. enjoys many hobbies, but some of his more interesting ones are flying model aircraft with his wife, doing his radio shows, minecraft, Star Trek Online, and boating. Currently resides in SW Florida.  Oh and he hates his Station Manager's guts for being a pilot (Love you boss).