DJ's and Staff of MMO Radio

M.C. Shea G---DJ/Station Owner

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The man behind the chaos and the prior host of the "Saturday Night Powerjam, Shea G is in a class all of his own. Many have asked about the M.C. so here is some of the details;

Tag: M.C. Shea G

On Air: Sat Nights  8pm - 11pm

Name: Shea G

Age: 49 (29 with 20yrs of experience)

Status: Happily married (Sorry ladies)

Occupation: Retired U.S. Army, 1st Cavalry Division, Armor

Hobbies: The M.C. enjoys many hobbies, but some of his more interesting ones are flying model aircraft with his wife, doing his radio shows, minecraft, Star Trek Online, and boating. Currently resides in SW Florida.  Oh and he hates his Station Manager's guts for being a pilot (Love you boss).

Eleenod---Station Director

The 1st line of law for MMO Radio. Dea basically runs the interior aspects of MMO Radio and it's hosted servers. Soft spoken but will have no problem slapping you upside the head with a bazooka if you cross the line.

Tag: Eleenod

On Air: Not an On-Air personality

Name: Deacair

Age: Seriously? You don't ask a lady that

Status: Currently in Squirrel Mode

Occupation: Too many to list.......but keeps busy

SongOfSiege---Assistant Station Director

The 2nd in charge of this crazy ship of chaos, Song is the mellow man of the staff. Definatley alot more laid back than the two above him, but........not one to be around when you do get him wound up

On Air: Not an on air personality

Name: Bubba.........we think

Age: We suspect about the same as Admiral Spock..but not confirmed

Status: Spoken for (and yea don't piss her off either)

Occupation: Professional Pirate Ship Captain

Jaden G.---Assistant Station Director

Another long time member of MMO Radio, Jaden has worked his way up the chain here at MMO Radio. He currently handles security and moderation of the general membership. 

Tag: Sandsnake

On Air: Not an on air personality

Name: Jaden

Age: 21

Status: Single

Occupation: Little bit of everything

BostonRockin---Mgmt Trainee/Gen Staff

One of MMO Radios long term staff members. Boston has been involved in most aspects of MMO Radio. From on air, to staff on the various servers we have had going. Loves the group "Boston"

On Air: Not an on air personality

Name: Gage

Age: He's a pup (meaning we don't know)

Status: Single

Occupation: Engineering student

Lewis---ATS/ETS/FS19 Manager

Our overseas creator of chaos, Lewis is a man of many talents and tempers. Often goofy and heard getting his arse kicked by his missus.

Tag: Um............Lewis

On Air: Not an on air personaliity

Name: Lewis


Status: Taken by a woman that likes to throw stuff

Occupation: Yup..........he works

D.J. Hass Delgato---On-Air DJ Trainee

One of MMO Radio's newest DJ's, Has (AKA Kyle Kenworth) comes to us from American Truck Simulator. His energetic demeanor and wild style, fits the MMO Radio family well.

Tag: Kyle Kenworth

On Air: Sun Nights  5pm - 8pm eastern

Name: Hass

Age: We dunno, but we have the CIA working on it

Status: Happily committed - sorry ladies

Occupation: Yea................we are working on this one too.

D.J. Sho Nuff---On-Air DJ Trainee

Another new DJ here with the MMO Radio family, Mike comes to us from the American Truck Simulator venue and also does custom mixes. Some of which you will hear on our Auto DJ.

Tag: SpiderMIke 

On Air:  Friday Night 5pm to 8pm Eastern

Name: Mike

Age: 37

Status: Ladies........this man is married....sorry for your luck

Occupation: Towing/Recovery Operator

D.J. Rebel---On-Air DJ Trainee

We just keep bringin' new types in don't we? Well this guy, while a bit more laid back than our music slingers above, his humor and ability to put songs together that just should not be together...makes him stand out.

Tag: Arizona

On Air:  Wednesday Night 5pm to 8pm Eastern

Name: No f*ckin Clue (shady bitch)

Age: Yea we don't know that either

Status: Single as f*ck

Occupation: Folding napkins as a hobby