Welcome to MMO Radio's dreaded "Blackball" list. If you find a group, individual, website, etc etc, listed here? Then they REALLY screwed the proverbial pooch. Entities listed on this page find themselves boycotted by all MMO Radio staff, and for the most part, the listeners. So do yourself a favor......don't be listed here.

......oh and by the way, if you weren't smart enough to copyright or trademark your name or business name BEFORE this was posted? Yea get over it. Trust me, our lawyer is MUCH more efficient than yours.

MMO Radio's "BlackBall List"

Raptor Gaming

Our first honored contestant is Raptor Gaming. This youtube personality felt that just because he was at 250K subscribers, he was on some "A-List". MMO Radio staff wanted to speak to him about a joint advertising venture. He wouldn't even  give us a "Fuck You"......so we are giving him one instead. BTW Raptor, when you hit 1M subscribers? Then maybe you may hit celebrity status.

D.J. Rainbow

This one is one of our favorites. Known all over the Star Wars: The Old Republic radio scene as the "Jumping DJ" since he cannot stay with one station too long. Has been reputable for starting drama, spreading false accusations, and/or just leaving with no notice. We gave him a chance (against the wishes of most of the staff), and let him on board.....guess what happened?.....................yup. So D.J. Whiney ass...........FUCK YOU.

DOJ Lost RP-FiveM

Never thought we would be adding this one. But, so be it. This is a FiveM server that a few of the MMO Radio staff, and listeners, learned to play FiveM on. At first, it was great. Fun staff, stable server, etc. After a few months, it seemed to turn to complete shit. The owner, while probably [sic] a decent person, has the leadership skills of a wet mop. Run the LEO/Fire/EMS like a German SS unit from WWII. And God help you if you break one of his rules or speak up for yourself. The ban hammer will ker-slap you right in the ass.  Demands the LEO be evenly split between the two servers...or be fired...(that is until HE goes on to stream and demands EVERYONE come to the server he is on to make him look good). We even have heard that he took a large donation, just to ban the guy a few days later. What an asshat. SO from us here at MMO Radio?................yup...Fuuuuuuck you.

Fresh Life Gaming-FiveM

This server we not only tried to work with...........but tried TWICE. The owner is a really fun person to hang out with. Has alot of motivation and ideas, sadly he relied on someone who was on a major power trip. Not only did he allow prior "questionable" players who were previosly banned, to return, but turned a blind eye when cliques were formed and began to drive away decent players.

There were double standards, "friend circles", favoritism, under-the-table deals being made...you name it. 
We stuck around as long as we could before we had finally had enough. Last time we checked, they lost over half of their player base and the nightly server player count was between 0 and 2. Sorry guys, but you are BACK on the blackball list