Battlefield 1

The newest addition to the MMO Radio arsenal, MMO Radio will be setting up their own server in the very near future. Servers are up around $300/month so those wanting to be a part of the mmo radio "realism" unit, will be asked to throw in a $50/yr membership donation. As we get more into the realism unit, the cost will go down. this is based off a 6 man team. gameplay will be live streamed on our twitch account as well as being simulcast on-air by one of the mmo radio dj's. 

Creeping up on foot as one of 4 available soldier kits. Each kit is even more customizable.

MMO radio plans on becoming a force to be reckoned with in the BF1 community. While quite a few feel the game is dead, the constant packed servers in the server browser show otherwise. it's a game that lives up to the "Battlefield" name, and for those of us WWI history buffs, really lets you get into the feel of the "Great war".

Tanks, Ships, Armored Trucks, Planes, Motorycles, and even HORSES...there is no end to the fun and chaos you can bring into the game.