Battlefield: 1942

while not one of the most "known" games for in-game parties, bf1942 was always the 'go to' game for those who just wanted to run around blowing up stuff. surprisingly, even with it's initial release date of 2002, it's still widely played. for those unfamiliar with it, 1942 is a wwII based first person shooter that allows you to play multiple aspects of combat. from flying wwii fighters, to warships, to tanks, down to the ground pounder infantry...

Getting ready to take off in an SBD Dive Bomber on the Wake Island map

Currently MMO Radio plays on the team-simple servers. they have 3 servers for those who want to try out every aspect. from vanilla 1942, to the road to rome and secret weapons of wwii expansions, and custom maps, all available on their website here. however mmo radio is working to get their own server setup soon so keep posted here for more on that development

You can usually find our own M.C. Shea G in game in a ship laying down some massive hate from above. His game tag is DJ