Station  Affiliates

Welcome to our affiliates page. This page is dedicated to the groups, people, and entities that support MMO Radio and are part of our "Cross Advertising" program. Please be sure to visit these affiliates and show them a huge "THANK YOU" for helping keep MMO Radio on the air. 

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One of the longest running RP guilds in Star Trek Online, STORP has been known for it's innovative and "off the cuff" roleplay themes. Recently resurrected, they are looking for roleplayers and Star Trek enthusiasts alike. Find any STORP member in game or visit their site.

STO Roleplayers Guild - Star Trek Online


Click The Police Car for the RETRO RP Info


RetroRP is an RP community that operates on the FiveM platform. It takes RP back to the golden days when feathered hair, leggings, and M.C. Hammer were all the rage. Privately owned server with plenty of civilian jobs both legal, and illegal to keep you busy. Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, and other jobs also available

RetroRP - FiveM

Club Imperial - Star Wars:The Old Republic  (Star Forge Server)

The gracious hosts of MMO-Radio, Club Imperial is where you want to go for the most well rounded gameplay on the Darkside of the Force. If your looking for laid back fun, gaming, and insanity, Star Wars style? Check out their website by clicking the banner above.