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About MMO

MMO-Radio is an online broadcasted gaming-based radio station founded in 2008.  Operating under the "Fair use act of 1976 section 107" with listeners and DJ’s offering commentary, music critique, and music education. Owned and operated by LLC, MMO-Radio takes pride in offering old school entertainment for a new school generation. 

Our DJ’s broadcast live and host "in game" parties in several well- known MMO games such as:

  • FiveM (Digital Coast RP Server)

  • IRacing (team positions available)

  • Euro Truck Simulator (Using the TruckersMP app)

  • Star Trek Online (MMO Radio Fleet Available to Join)

  • Grand Theft Auto V Online (Crew Positions Available)

  • Space Engineers (Skunkworks Server)

  • Phasmaphobia

  • Stormrunner

  • Satisfactory

During our in-game parties we play a wide array of music, offer contests/prize, and much more. We also provide special party events, advertising, and endorsements. If you wish to hire MMO-Radio for your own in game party, or want to have an ad custom made for your game fleet/guild, contact us and we will be happy to give you a list of options and prices (both actual and/or in-game currency depending on level or type of ad/party).

Why is MMO Radio Ahead of the Game?

MMO radio owner, M.C. Shea G and the senior staff  believe that it takes more than a few random people throwing together a quick website, putting a few DJ’s on air, and calling themselves a radio station. We pride ourselves on taking it not only to the next level but beyond. Founded by the M.C. Shea G, he believes that a station run by mature and experienced staff is the key to success. Keeping things professional, educational, and constantly evolving, is how you keep it new and exciting.

·       We don't tolerate or take part in drama,

·       We don't believe that calling yourself a "CEO" means you are the know all of the airwaves. It takes years of experience as a music entertainer, DJ, and basically a "human being",  to make a station a "real" experience.

So, if you want make do? Feel free to find the others...if you want the BEST look no further; you have found MMO Radio!!!!!

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