After some thought and consideration, we have decided that Retro RP will be returning. We will not let a server full of little enabled momma's boys, destroy the ideas, hard work, and donations of our listeners. We thank you for sticking with us and ask that you be patient while we work to hire a new developer and get everything back up and running. we still.........will never forget the actions of "Reich FLG" and their band of Gestapo for what they did to destroy months of hard work, so our "FLG Awareness" campaign will continue and we will still do everything in our power to make the gaming community aware of the sh*t they do!!!


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Sergeant Chris D. Surdyk

A fellow soldier, veteran, musician, DJ...........and friend. Your memory lives on (March '79-October '15)

Miguel "DJ Miggy" Lumbreras Jr.

A fellow gamer, great DJ, amazing friend to all, and most of all, an awesome human being. Your memory lives on (October '73-December 2020), MMO Radio, and STO Roleplayers guild are ©2009 MMO Radio LLC